Max Webster High Class

Max Webster: High Class

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The story of Max Webster told like never before. From their early days of conquering the Toronto bar scene to headlining arenas, this chronology of one of Canada’s finest musical exports tells their story with new interviews with most of the band members and hundreds of previously unseen images. This is a book no Max Webster fan will want to be without.

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“Max Webster: High Class is a result of seven years of unbelievably in-depth research by Bob Wegner. A labour of love from beginning to end, Wegner deftly weaves together an incredibly impressive chronicle of the vast majority of gigs Max Webster ever played with a well-written narrative of every aspect of the band’s career. The text is complemented by a stunning array of photos of the band on and off stage, advertisements, tickets and other memorabilia. The result is an encyclopedic tribute to one of the most original and ultimately underrated bands in Canadian rock history.”

-- Rob Bowman, Grammy-winning music historian and Professor of Ethnomusicology, York University


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